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Garden Photo Update – June 29th 2012!

Garden Photo Update – June 5th 2012!

Garden Update: May 19th!

The sun is shining and it is a great time to be planting! I am really excited about my harvest this year. Having spent the last three years learning  about pest & disease management is proving very rewarding. The only plants that fell victim to nature this year were my carrots. I directly sew the seeds and didn’t use any slug protection during their fragile seedling lives. In only one night the slugs killed over 100 carrot starts which destroyed my entire carrot crop. I repopulated their space with golden beets, which I love, and I’ll have to plant carrots in a different location.

This week I planted Golden Beets, White Sweet Spanish Onions, Roma Tomatoes, Golden Summer Squash, Burpless Cucumbers,  Black Beauty Zucchini and I transplanted some volunteer Squash and Tomatoes from my compost into the ground just to give them a chance.