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It is a great year to be planting! The fruit trees are flowering as expected, the wild flowers are blooming and continue to display vigorous growth. The wind is mild and the sun is strong. Last year the seasons seemed a bit off. The sun wasn’t here as often as my plants needed it to be, the fruit trees and veggies I had planted flowered early because of a two week long heat-wave followed by a huge storm that destroyed all of their new growth. I hope this year the weather remains calm and sunny.

Trying to save money and gain a wider range of knowledge I decided to start my plants by seed rather than buying starts from the garden store. I did a lot of experimental planting methods and came back with a really good idea of what I should do, and should not do. Some of my seeds started in unorthodox manners are flourishing and will yield heavily. Other seeds started by following the guidelines printed on the seed package didn’t perform. They either died off early in their life, were subject to my ban-hammer, or didn’t pop-up at all.

My Methods:
I started 80-120 seeds in each test. Many varieties.

Location Medium Water Light Cycle Survival Rate % Veg time needed
Outside Peat Moss Tap Water 13h light 11h dark 85% 12 weeks
Inside Peat Moss Filtered Water 24h Light 95% 8 weeks
Outside Potting Soil Tap Water 13h light 11h dark 60% 12 weeks
Inside Potting Soil Filtered Water 24h Light 85% 8 weeks
Outside Peat Moss Light Nutrient Water 13h light 11h dark 90% 12 weeks
Inside Peat Moss Light Nutrient Water 24h Light 99% 8 weeks

In conclusion, starting seeds in Peat moss indoors with a light nutrient solution under 24hour light seemed to work best for me. I tried to start tomatoes, squash, flowers, beans, peas, greens and root vegetables. Each type of plant had a favorite way to be started, transplanted and transitioned to live outside. Far too much information for you to want to read so I’ll keep that to myself. Now I want to run more tests with aeroponic cloning!